Generative Art Explorations in p5.js for DMA 171 Coursework (Generative Art & Computational Design)

+ p5.js
... think about what a “landscape” means to you in 2023. How can the ideas and images from the history of the genre be converted to coded, generative art. Your coded still life should operate as a “long-form” generative work, it can be parameterized, animated, and/or interactive.

a collection that was especially inspiring:

click to generate a new composition
press 1 for stroke, 2 for no stroke
press down arrow to save image


DMA COURSEWORK - p5.js exploration
+ p5.js
I explored Lissajous Curves and expanded on it to create a quilt-esque canvas that will continuously build and erase on its complexity in patterns while feeling like it is constantly weaving itself through the changes and patches. Its textures also mimic the behavior of malfunctioning LCD screens, creating a digital quilt of randomly generated motion and pattern.

click to regenerate random color palette/random lissajous curve values

press 1-5 to cycle to pick different color palettes with same lissajous curve values
// 1 - fiery
// 2 - windows 95
// 3 - matrix
// 4 - b&w
// 5 - random
press backspace to pause, enter to resume, down arrow to download image